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What’s The Cost of a Walk In Bath?

If you are considering investing in a walk-in bath installation, one of the main questions you will probably have is what does a walk-in bath cost?

How much does a walk-in bathtub cost?

Costs of walk-in bathtubs vary depending upon the brand and model of walk-in bath that you choose. Some walk-in baths come with a range of optional extras and features. You may want to choose some of these for added luxury, but this will naturally increase the total cost.

At B Able Solutions, we offer a complete bathroom makeover service. We include the cost of the bathtub and any extra parts required to complete the bathroom, in addition to the installation costs, within our quotations. We aim to provide a stress-free installation, by providing a complete walk-in bathroom package.

What is the installation cost for a walk-in bath?

The total costs of installing a walk-in bath, shower or complete bathroom makeover will vary depending upon how much work is involved in the installation.

The best scenario for installing a walk-in bath, and therefore the lowest cost, is where you have a traditional bathtub with compatible water and waste pipes, and you would like it replaced with a full-length walk-in bath.

This is the ideal solution because the new walk-in bath should be of similar dimensions to the existing bath’s size. The new walk-in bath will fit in seamlessly with the existing bathroom, with minimal alterations.

Supply only price

To give you a guide price, however, walk-in baths can be supplied from £1,995.

Package costs will become more expensive if you include optional extras, or if your installation process will be more complicated. For example where water pipes need relocating, or where your water system is older and needs parts replacing before installation.

These things will all have an impact on the final cost of your walk-in bath.

Complete installation and bathroom makeover price

A complete bathroom makeover, with a wet room and matching bathroom suite, including installation, can start from just £5,000.

To get an idea of how much your new walk-in bath will cost arrange a free at-home consultation. We will be able to run through all the options available to you and provide a total package quotation.

Installing Walk-in Baths

We aim to offer a hassle-free installation service, offering a complete package for ultimate peace of mind.

Before your bathroom installation, a member of our team will visit your home, and they will explain the installation process. They will also undertake a thorough assessment of your bathroom space. This will help to understand any challenges they may face during installation and help you find the best possible solution.

Once a bathroom design has been selected, you have chosen from our range of walk-in baths, and the installation work has been assessed, we will talk through the total package cost so that you fully understand everything involved.

We can offer a walk-in bath package for everyone, to suit any space. Compact size walk-in baths can be a great choice for even the smallest bathrooms.

Which Walk-in Bath is right for me?

Filled walk in bath with blue light and door detail

A walk-in bathroom installation could be a great option to consider, if you have limited mobility, are disabled, if you are unsteady on your feet or have any other mobility issues.

A walk-in bath is a bathtub with an access door built into the side wall of the bath. The user enters the walk-in bath through the door, over the threshold with low-level access. A walk-in bath typically has a non-slip floor surface for safety, and the baths usually have built-in seats.

Many walk-in baths have options such as air jets, and feature lighting to provide a relaxing bathing experience.

Full-length walk-in baths will be of a similar size to a standard bath, mirroring the existing bath’s size, and is often the easiest option to create an accessible bathroom. The B Able Calder Walk-in Bath, for example, is 1690mm by 750mm.

There will often be compact walk-in baths within the full range. The compact walk-in baths suit even the smallest bathrooms and are great for those with limited space. The smallest walk-in bath in the B Able range is the Hebden Walk-In Bath, which is 1230mm in length. This has higher bath sides so that the bather is still fully submerging their upper body in the water.

The B Able Ogden Walk-In Bath is the same length, 1230mm, but is wider than the Hebden at 750mm.

When considering which walk-in bath is right for you, consider the space you have available for the bath installation. Also whether you are wanting to just replace the bathtub or are planning a total bathroom renovation. You’ll also need to decide what features are important to you in a new walk-in bath.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider a walk-in shower, or accessible wetroom installation, which B Able Solutions can assist you with.

Ways to lower the cost of your walk in bath costs

How much a walk-in bath costs, will depend upon what you require and how your current bathroom is equipped. However, a walk-in bath may cost less than you think.

If you believe you may struggle to cover the walk-in bath costs, the below information may be helpful for you.

This advice may help those who have a disability or chronic illness, have a walk-in bath or walk-in shower at a lower total installation cost than standard bathroom pricing.

You may not be aware that if you have a disability or chronic illness, you can place a walk-in bath order without VAT on the price. A valid VAT exemption form will need to be completed. This means that an additional 20% is not added to the overall cost.

Another option to consider is a Disabled Facilities, Grant. A Disabled Facilities Grant could be awarded by the council if you are disabled and need to make adaptations to your home for it to meet your needs as a disabled person.

Visit our showroom

B Able Showroom

You can visit our B Able showroom to see the full range of walk-in baths on display. Feel their quality, test the handles and catches, and you can even step inside and take a seat.

We also have a walk-in shower on display, which is another great option for anybody with limited mobility, who wants to create an accessible bathroom. Walk-in showers have no obstructive thresholds and the same great quality non-slip floor that our walk-in baths offer.

A walk-in shower is often best used in conjunction with another piece of shower equipment, such as a shower chair or seat. This is perfect for users who are unsteady on their feet or have a disability or chronic illness.

Wall-mounted safety bars can also be installed to give extra stability where needed.

Book an at-home consultation

Adrian presenting a hamper to walk in bath customer

An at-home consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss your requirements for your new walk-in bath, with a member of our team, in your home.

It is also a chance for us to assess and understand the work involved in fitting a walk-in bath in your home so that we can calculate an accurate quotation. Then we can provide you with an answer to what a walk-in bath costs and provide you with a final package price.

What an at-home consultation is not? It’s no pressure, no hard sell, and absolutely nothing to worry about. Our only aim is to provide you with a walk-in bath that suits your needs, is within your budget, and will provide you with an enjoyable bathing experience.

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