Was a long soak in the bath something you looked forward to, relaxing your tired muscles and letting your worries float away? If this is no longer the case, and you find yourself laying in the tub worrying about whether you can get out, or maybe you can’t access your current bath at all, we have the solution, with a Pennine Collection Walk-In Bathtub.

UK Manufactured Easy Access Baths

Our range of Walk-in Bathtubs are made in the UK in God’s own county, Yorkshire. They’re produced to the highest quality and manufacturing standards. The baths in our range are made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) which is much stronger than an acrylic bathtub, with a steel frame tested up to 200kg and gains additional robustness from a resin gel coated surface layer.

Given the superb standards these baths are produced to, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the price you may receive when you call for a quotation.

With easy access, a walk-in bath with door provides a safer bathing experience, reducing the chances of trips, falls or slips.

Come and Test In Our Showroom

All of our products can be viewed and demonstrated at our comfortable and accessible showroom in Elland, West Yorkshire. As well as working, wet installations of walk in bathtubs we also have a wide range of mobility products for around the home.

Within the Pennine Collection of walk in bathtubs, there are 3 models: The Calder Dulux, The Hebden Dulux and The Ogden Dulux. Hover and click over the products below.

Walk in Baths and Showers

All of our flagship products are available with the addition of a shower screen and shower system. This ultimately results in a walk in shower bath installation that’s good for all members of the family, old and young and whether you have mobility issues or not.


The main safety features of a walk-in bath include the non-slip flooring making slips less likely. A walk-in door provides easy access and avoids having to step over the edge of a bathtub which is a common cause of trips and falls. A built-in seat to sit on whilst you bathe or shower reduces the standing time for those who suffer from imbalance and makes it easier to raise and lower yourself from the bath.

Additional grab bars can also be fitted where needed to assist with balance and getting in and out of the bath. Having a walk-in bath fitted will truly give you peace of mind about your bathroom safety, or the safety of a loved one.

A walk-in bath has a built-in watertight door in the side of the tub, either set to the left or the right depending upon the option selected; all the Pennine Walk-In baths have the option for either. On the opposite side of the bath is a built-in integral seat.

The user enters the bath through the inward opening door and sits on the seat. They then run the bath and can enjoy a long soak. When they are finished, they drain the bath.

Getting back out of the bath is made easier and safer as they are in a raised position on the seat.

The experience is much safer than a traditional bathtub.

Read our blog post on how walk in baths work.

The answer to this is no, however, which bathtub you choose may be dependent upon whether your new walk-in bath is part of a total bathroom refurb or a modification to your existing bathroom.

If your bathtub is the only thing that you are changing then the Calder Deluxe may be a good choice, as it is full length, the same dimensions as a standard bath so will most likely fit seamlessly with the bathroom suite that remains. Opting for a total makeover, the opportunity for a deep soak with the Hebden Deluxe or Ogden Deluxe seems too good to miss. These are also perfect for smaller spaces.

However, any of the baths in the Pennine Collection can be fitted either as a stand-alone project or a complete bathroom renovation.

Having a walk-in bath can benefit lots of people, not just those who are disabled or experience mobility issues. Anyone who suffers from muscle or joint pain and may have difficulty stepping over a bathtub, those who experience dizziness or vertigo would also benefit.

Installing a walk-in bath may also be a sensible decision if you or a member of your family is struggling to access your current bathtub and is a great way to future proof your home to ensure you can live there comfortably for many more years to come.

Everyone in the family will be able to use a walk-in bath in the same way they would use a traditional bathtub. They can either just step over the side of the bath to enter, or they can use the entry door and wait for the bath to fill up as someone with mobility concerns would.

We would usually recommend, if multiple users will be using the bath, to opt for the shower bath and screen upgrade package, so that everyone has the option of having a bath or a shower. This package includes an overhead shower fitting along with a glass shower screen.

Everyone will enjoy sitting on the integral seat whilst bathing as it is an extremely comfortable bathing position.

If you opt for the Hydro Bath upgrade package you are getting some of the best features in luxury and relaxation available in the bath and shower market.

The Hydrotherapy Air Jets provide a massaging hydrotherapy spa-type experience, with the air jets drawing in air, warming it, and pushing it back into your bath through the jet points, which creates gentle relaxing bubbles providing a gentle massage experience.

The Water Jets a deeper massage experience, targeting pressure points in your neck and back.

We believe a combination of both provides the perfect relaxation experience. When you choose the Hydro package in our Pennine Walk-In baths you get a bathtub with Hydrotherapy Air Jets in the base of the bathtub and Water Jets in the side of the bathtub.

These are especially designed this way to enable more pressure where you need it combined with the gentler bubbles of the Hydrotherapy air jets.

Chromotherapy lighting, as well as looking beautiful, has hidden benefits too. Chromotherapy is also known as colour therapy, encourages and nurtures relaxation and peace within.