Filled walk in bath with blue light and door detail

How Do Walk In Baths Work?

Walk-in baths are a great option for those with limited mobility, the disabled or the elderly. In fact, anyone with personal circumstances who might struggle to step over the side of a standard bathtub. A traditional bath has high sides which can be dangerous if you are unsteady on your feet and can lead to falls and injuries.

However, taking a long soak in the bath is one of life’s little pleasures. If you are facing a reduction in mobility, please know that this doesn’t have to mean giving up your bath.

What is a walk-in bath and how do you get into one?

A walk-in bathtub is a bathtub that has an inward swinging door, that incorporates a watertight door seal. As the bath fills the pressure of the water pushes against the door, ensuring there are no leaks.

  1. To begin your bathing experience, open the door and step into the walk-in bath. Your walk-in bath will have a low threshold so that you do not need to step over a high side. The surface will also incorporate slip resistance to prevent injuries.
  2. Then just take a seat, close the door behind you and lower the handle on the outside of the tub. This will ensure a watertight seal.

For your peace of mind, our baths and watertight door seals come with a guarantee and are designed to be easy to open, whilst protecting against leaks.

Hebden walk in bath with open door showing seal

Even if you suffer from conditions such as arthritis, which can make tasks with your hands, like opening and closing doors difficult, we are confident you will not struggle with our easy openings on our walk-in bath range.

Try before you buy walk-in baths

If you would like to try it before you buy please visit our showroom. Many of our baths are on display, and you can test the walk-in bath door openings for yourself or any other features you are worried you may struggle with, before your purchase.

There are also no dangerous catches or anything else you may accidentally injure yourself on when getting in or out of the walk-in bath.

Built-in bathtub seating

Empty Walk In Bath Seat Detail

Unlike a conventional tub, a walk-in bath has built-in seating, which provides a relaxing bath time experience. Many people find this to be a more comfortable bathing position compared to lying flat. This is also safer for people with limited mobility or disabilities.

Filling your walk-in bath

You must already be inside your walk-in bath before you begin to fill it with water. This is because the walk-in bath has a watertight door built into the side of the bathtub.

During this time you cannot open the door and the user must remain within the bathtub. Unfortunately, this is one downside to a walk-in bath that must be considered before purchase.

How long does it take to fill a walk-in tub

Filling a walk-in bath is ultimately determined by your water system. Specifically the water pressure and the type of boiler you have. Combination boilers can take as much as 15 minutes to fill an average 120-litre bath. A tank or storage cylinder system will be similar. A pressurised cylinder system can reduce this filling time to around 10 minutes.

However, in exchange for your patience, you will have a much safer bath. No more stressing and worrying about getting in and out of the bath. Nobody wants to be rushing in the bath anyway, taking a soak in the tub is all about relaxing!

If you are concerned about getting chilly during this time, please discuss with us options for bathroom heaters. These can be installed at the same time as your walk-in bath.

Safety features of walk-in bathtubs

Once you are safely inside your walk-in bath, begin filling the tub.

Close up of a thermostatic tap with rubber duck in the background

Another feature that can prevent injuries whilst taking a bath is a thermostatically controlled bath tap. These have a scald prevention valve built-in, delivering water at an optimum temperature. They prevent dangerously hot water from entering the tub as it fills.

Then just enjoy your bath!

Taking regular baths can help ease joint pain, relax muscles and provide many other benefits for the elderly and disabled. A walk-in bath provides an ideal solution for those whose own personal circumstances may prevent them from accessing a traditional bathtub.

Exiting your walk-in bath

When you are finished bathing there is no need to stress or worry as you will be able to easily get out. The raised seating position that the built-in seat provides also makes standing up easier.

Simply drain the water then open the inward opening door to step out.

If you need any extra assistance getting out of the tub, grab bars can be fitted alongside the tub wall. Grab bars will help you stand and to feel stable getting in and out of the walk-in bath. The location of the grab bars can be decided during your home assessment, to ensure they are in a position that works for your needs.

Luxury features to consider

A walk-in bath is a very practical purchase for those who struggle with traditional bathtubs. However, you may also want to consider luxury features, including Hydrotherapy and Chromotherapy Lighting if you want to treat yourself.

Costs of installing a walk-in bath

The cost of a walk-in bath to replace your normal bath will vary depending upon your requirements, which walk-in bath models you like as well as the space you have available and what is possible. Additions or alterations to your plumbing will also have an impact on the overall cost.

We will arrange a home assessment for your new walk-in bath. Once we fully understand your requirements, which model of walk-in bath you would like, and how much work is involved in fitting the new bath, we will provide you with a no-obligation package quotation.

B Able Solutions models of walk-in baths and how they work

Calder Deluxe Walk-In Baths

Calder Walk In Bath

Within B Able Solution’s range of walk in baths with door, we have the Calder Walk-in Bath. This models appearance and dimensions are most similar to a standard tub. These baths work exactly as described above, with an inward opening door for easy walk-in access.

The Calder’s are full-length baths, with the inward opening door available in left or right-hand models. We do not have an outward opening door option, as these do not keep your floor dry and can lead to maintenance issues.

The full-length bath work very similarly to a standard bath once you are inside, but you must wait inside the bath whilst it fills, which may take getting used to. However, a walk-in bath provides a much safer bathing experience.

An easy-access bath like the Calder Deluxe is often the easiest and sometimes cheapest choice if you are replacing an existing bath, without other alterations. This is because they have a very similar footprint and often require the least amount of work during installation.

Hebden Deluxe walk-in baths

Hebden Walk In Bath

The Hebden Deluxe Walk-in Bath is shorter in length than a standard bathtub. It is a good option for those who have limited space within their bathroom.

Despite the shorter length, the Hebden Walk-in Bath has higher walls so you get a luxurious deep soak bathing position. This covers your upper body with lovely warm water.

The Hebden Walk-in baths work the same as the rest of the range. Getting in and out of the bath using the inward opening watertight door, which can be a left or right-hand opening.

Ogden Deluxe walk-in baths

Ogden walk in bath

The Ogden Deluxe Walk-In Bath is our top-of-the-range walk-in bath. It has a deep soak bathing position with a comfortable built-in seat. It is shorter in length than a standard tub but with high sides.

The difference with the Ogden model of walk-in bath is that it has an increased bath width for additional comfort. It’s also perfect for those with a larger frame.

However operations-wise, you use this bath in the same way. Accessing the bath through the walk-in door, take a seat, fill the tub, enjoy your bath, empty, and exit.

Alternatives to a walk-in tub

If you are unsure whether a walk-in bath is the best option for you, you may wish to invest in a walk-in shower or accessible wet room installation instead.

The advantage that a walk-in shower has is not having the fill time which comes with a walk-in bath. Some users may feel this is the main drawback.

A walk-in shower is another safer option, compared to getting into a traditional bathtub, as there are no high sides to step over. You may need to use it in conjunction with another piece of shower equipment, such as a stool or shower chair if the user is unsteady on their feet.

Of course, if you love taking a bath, having a shower installed instead may seem like a poor alternative. So much of bathroom design is down to personal preference, but if you would like to discuss your ideas with us, we will be very happy to help sort through the options with you.

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